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martedì 17 febbraio 2009

Same Shit Different Color

While America is naively counting their tax stimulus and even more naively hailing the new puppet in the office, here's just a couple things going on behind the scenes in the small print of the Stimulus plan:

http://www. infowars. com/dems-use-%E2%80%9Cstimulus%E2%80%9D-as-cover-for-more-gun-control/

http://www. wnd. com/index. php?fa=PAGE. view&pageId=87322

http://readthestimulus. org/

Now that we have a president that LOOKS different, the country seems back to being complacent and passive. A nice diversion from the state of uprising that the masses were getting to during the Bush administration. NEVER FORGET that Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. The so-called "Bush" agenda was already in place before Bush took place as a scapegoat and it sure as hell is still in tact now. The Obama demagogue may be even more dangerous because the country seems to be in a spell over the novelty of his campaign. Meanwhile, through the guise if bailing out the economy MORE of our rights are being stripped.
People are too busy cashing in on the scam to stop and wonder where the bulk of this stimulus is really going - "creating jobs?" for who? what kind of jobs? WHERE exactly will these jobs be?

Just remember before you go blindly praising the New World Order's newest leader - to read between the lines very carefully.

The Devil you know is better than the Devil you don't...

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